Intensive Courses

At Drive Confidently we offer intensive driving courses in Loughborough, Leicester and surrounding areas to meet every need.

15 hours with test – £399.50
Ideal for learners who have good control of the vehicle in a variety of different situations and have attempted some manoeuvres.

20 hours with test – £512
For pupils with good basic control of the vehicle and an understanding of manoeuvres. Had maybe 15-20 hours tuition in the past.

25 hours with test – £624.50
Ideal for pupils with some small amount of experience. Pupils who may have had lessons before and stopped. Maybe 10-15 hours in the past. Can pull away and stop safely and deal with basic junctions.

30 hours with test – £737
Suitable for a confident beginner who has basic control of the pedals and steering and who knows the Mirrors Signal Manoeuvre procedure.

35-40 hours with test – please enquire
Designed for the average learner who learns co-ordination skills reasonably well but has little or no experience behind the wheel.




An intensive course can be a great way for you to get through your driving test in record time but ensuring that you get all the tuition you need to be a safe and skilled driver.


How many hours will I need?

The answer is that everyone is different in terms of their age, background, skills and level of experience. So different people will need a different number of lessons. Give us a call and we can discuss your potential requirements with you.